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logoWe have developed an online booking system which is available for our Premium account holders to use if they wish. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, then please take a few moments to read through this section. If you have any specific questions then please feel free to contact us directly and we'll do our best to help.

Some of our clients already make use of online booking services and if you have signed up to one of them then it probably makes sense to stay with them or, at least, limit the number of such services that you use.

For those who do not have an online booking service, we have developed our own which you can sign up to and which is as easy to use as we can make it. And here's the good news - it's free! We don't take any commission and nor are there any setup costs or additional charges.

In order to use the system you must have one of the following:

a) a merchant account which allows you to process debit/credit card transactions


b) a Paypal account - if it's a personal account you would need to upgrade it to a Premier or Business account, although there is no charge to do this

The only cost to you would be the commission charged by your merchant account provider or by Paypal. Merchant account charges will vary but typical charges for Paypal are 20p + 3.4% per transaction.

You'll appreciate that there are a number of potential pitfalls in booking accommodation online. The main one is that it is not possible (except in sophisticated and expensive systems, normally only found in very large organisations) to check the absolute availability of the accommodation other than from the figures that you, the accommodation provider, supply. Clearly your guests want immediate confirmation that the booking has gone through and that the accommodation is, in fact, available to them. Of course, this puts the onus on yourself to check your email regularly to see if bookings have come in and to update the online booking system as and when any other bookings are made.

At all costs we want to try and avoid the situation where the guests have booked online, in good faith, only for it to emerge that the accommodation is not actually available. How could this happen? Well suppose you get a phone enquiry which results in a booking. You check your email a couple of minutes later only to discover that someone has already made a confirmed online booking for those same rooms....

One way to try to avoid this is to consider keeping one or two rooms 'spare' - in other words, if there are actually four rooms available you might only list three of them in the online database; this gives you a 'buffer' in case of unforeseen circumstances.

If all this sounds as if we're stating the obvious then we justify it by saying that we're simply concerned to provide the best service we can for your guests and our clients. Both our reputation and yours are put at risk if the system is seen to fail and these issues need to be considered carefully if you want to take out the online booking option. Keeping your room availability up to date will be time-consuming but it really has to be a top priority.

As an incentive to your potential guests, you might want to consider offering a small percentage discount to anyone booking through our system or to those who mention RoomFinderScotland when they make a direct booking with you. There are clear advantages for you in doing so and the option is there in your account profile if you wish to make use of it. You can log in and set this up yourself at any time.

How the System Operates

Firstly, we should point out that users can access the online booking system from your listing on our website if we have enabled the option for your account. If you have your own website, however, then it's a simple matter to add a few lines of code so that users can also access the system from your website as well, and we would recommend that you give this some serious consideration. Please contact us for further details of how this can be done and we'll supply the code for you.

A few words, then, about how our booking system operates. The process looks like this:

1. the user fills in accommodation requirements and dates on the online form and the details are sent to our server
2. our software checks availability with the database, calculates the cost and returns the details for the user to view
3. at this point the user can accept or decline the booking but before doing so, they will be invited to review whatever cancellation policy and/or any other booking conditions that you specify
4. if they wish to continue with the booking then they will first fill in their contact details
5. we are processing this information on our secure pages - look for the padlock icon in your browser


6. if you are operating through a Paypal account, our software automatically adjusts your room availability to reflect the booking
7. the guest is now directed to Paypal's website where they can make their payment using any of the major debit/credit cards - or a Paypal account if they have one - and that payment goes directly into your account. The guest gets automatic confirmation from us and also from Paypal. You should then contact them as a matter of courtesy to confirm the details


6. the guest now supplies their credit card details over our secure (SSL) connection. These are encrypted and sent to our server where software validates the card details
7. our software automatically adjusts your room availability to reflect the booking
8. both you and the guest get automatic confirmation of the booking details
9. you should then contact the guest as a matter of courtesy to confirm the details
10. you have access to the card details via a secure login and can process the payment as per your payment policy

NB: If you have a merchant account it is crucial to note that our system essentially collects credit/debit card details in a secure manner; it does not debit any charges from the cardholder's account. Nor do we collect payment on your behalf. It is up to you, the accommodation provider, to make any arrangements for applying a deposit and/or settling the final amount with your guest, either before they arrive or on departure.

Next Steps...

If you have a Premium account with us then we have set up a 'sandbox' where you can use a sample account to experiment and see how the system works, both from the owner's point of view and also the guest's. In other words, you can try it out for yourself with no strings and see if it meets your needs.

Please contact us, either by email or by phone, if you still have questions or concerns and/or if the system might be of interest to you.

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